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Syahrini (born in Bogor, West Java, August 1, 1982; age 28 years) is an Indonesian singer. Syahrini through his childhood in Sukabumi. Album of law degree from the University of Bogor Pakuan This is My Lovely was released in 2008. Before releasing their first album, the second of three sons, never sang for the movie Coklat Strowberry compilation album with the title song "Tatapan Cinta".
Rini start a career in the music world through the eyes Love songs included in the original soundtrack album Coklat Strawberry (2007).
The next year, Rini had a debut album, My Lovely (2008) with the hits singles "Liar" and "My Lovely" a genre of pop genre. In this album Rini successfully received support from several creator-creator, among others Dewiq and Yovie Widianto. Then in mid-2009, Syahrini released the single "Pusing Setengah Mati," which is Syahrini own creation with the help of the Wawa TMG arrangements that are used to perform the process of arrangement and mastering for artists Republic of Love Management.
End of 2009, precisely on December 26, 2009, Syahrini reunited with Anang Hermansyah at an event in one private TV. It can be said as a bright spot Rini's career. Through song creation Anang Hermansyah, Rini was able to capture the attention of the wider community. Success finally did prove that she lived during this philosophy true.
"I followed on horseback filososi wrote that hung from his rider. Rider was relaxed, his horse was relaxed. Rider Auto racing horse speeding participate. So, in life too, meaning we can not 'grabak-gerubuk'. The life and fate depend on ourselves because we can change it. "Syahrini word that does have a hobby horse.
Now, forget the first intimate duet songs of the year 2010. Time you are pampered with a gentle voice Syahrini distinctive and seductive. This time this long-haired woman singing the song back hits "Aku tak Biasa" popular sung by the late Alda Risma.
Syahrini turned into a woman who is independent and different from the image Syahrini as a duet partner Anand. Syahrini want to provide something different in his solo album this. Dress more graceful and minimal accessories plus a left Syahrini long hair makes perfect Syahrini metamorphosis. The ideal of a woman to be a woman of your dreams, like the story of a mermaid who becomes a beautiful princess.
The song I'm Not Ordinary got a touch different. Musical arrangements performed by Anang Hermansyah who are familiar with the character Syahrini vocals. Anang Hermansyah Experience a career in the music industry for 20 years providing its own color for the song "Aku tak biasa ". Plus Syahrini improvisation makes this song sound 'unusual'. More powerful and highlight her vocal range is more mature and full of inspiration. We're going to get carried away and feel "not normal if I did not hear the voice of Princess Syahrini"

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